Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Multitasking Maniac!

Why can I never do one thing at a time? Right now, I am watching a movie, writing this, and checking my Facebook. Most people would say that my ability to multitask is amazing, but honestly, why can’t I ever just do one thing at a time?

When I’m at work, my ability to order people around, make drinks, and talk to customers is essential. When I don’t do this, like on Monday when I was so distracted with other stuff, the whole shift is off and people don't get breaks until they've been working for almost three hours (sorry Oscar!). I have to be able to keep a bunch of things going and am constantly moving. If I can’t work on at least four drinks at a time, then no one would ever get out of there!

But in my “personal” life, why can’t I ever just read a book? I usually have to have my iPod in, playing whatever I feel will go best with the book I’m reading.

Why can’t I ever just watch TV? If the TV is on, I am usually on the computer looking at something random or writing, or I’m flipping through a magazine. Sometimes I even read a book!

Even when I’m at the movies, I always get distracted by annoying people or feel the need to commentate on every action. I don’t actually vocalize all of my comments because it’s rude and annoying, but I save it up so that I can say it later.

If I’m sitting at a cafĂ©, I can’t just sit there and people watch, my phone or my laptop has to be out on the table.

Even when I’m working out, I prefer being on the elliptical machine with a book out and my music on.

I can’t even carry on one conversation on the phone because, inevitably, someone will text me while I’m having a conversation on the other line.

It’s not like I have ADD or something, I just feel that by doing only one thing at a time, I’m being wasteful. If I can write while I sing along with Mama Mia, why not do it, right?


Anonymous said...

Hey Kimmi, like the blog, love the key story. Check out the book "The Myth of Multitasking" by Dave Crenshaw. What you are really doing is "switchtasking" if you even care. Happy New Year! C, you soon. Greg

queenkimmi said...

I'm going to have to look into that! Thanks!