Thursday, January 29, 2009

January done, February bring it on!

So it’s been a month since I started with my resolutions, which was the original amount of time I had set to reach these goals, so, naturally, it’s a time for an update!

First on the list is updating my blog. While I haven’t been updating as often as I said I would, I do feel like I’ve been doing a great job. I might not be sticking to my resolution absolutely, but I’m ok with that. Really, who wants to read my blog everyday? Other than certain family members…I have found that just the idea of updating everyday has got me thinking more about what I want to write about and it challenges me. And everyone knows I like a challenge.

Second was to quit complaining about work so much. I haven’t completely failed this one, but I do think that I haven’t done as well as I could have. I don’t complain as much to other people, but I find myself bitching in my head a lot more. Some may call it talking to myself. The problem with this, however, is that I’m still spending a lot of energy complaining about a job that I won’t have forever. I should just see it as a short chapter in my life and push all the negative thoughts out of my head. Although, I guess not complaining openly to anyone who will listen is a step in itself.

On the subject of energy, I guess I’ll talk about my daily walks around the block. Much like updating my blog, this resolution has evolved a bit. The whole point of this one was to get myself exercising a little bit each day, so that even if I can’t do a full workout in, I can do something. Plus, a little fresh air is good for me to. (Well, as fresh as the air in the Valley can get.) But, I find myself doing other forms of exercising more. I've never been much for walking, but dancing around in my room to my iPod? So much more fun. Plus, it burns a lot more calories than walking around the block.

So that brings me to making one meal a day at home. I think I have stuck closest to this one. I have been making a real effort to make stuff at home more often, which is making me even more conscious of what I’m eating when I’m not at home. My stomach can’t even take some of the things it used to, simply because it’s not used to it any more, especially fast food. I felt sick all night at work the other night from having greasy pizza, which I used to eat all the time. I guess that’s a really great sign! But I won’t give up my In-N-Out. Ever.

The last resolution I made was to read the front section of the newspaper everyday. (It was brought to my attention that calling it the “front page” implied that I was only reading the front page. Whatever.) Truthfully, I haven’t been doing this. Instead, I’ve been reading the WHOLE ENTIRE NEWSPAPER! Even the political crap that’s boring and I hate. I read the whole thing everyday, and even if I don’t have the time, I read all the stories online, even on multiple news sites. I check them every time I go online. SF Chronicle, LA Times, NY Times, USA Today, and Yahoo! News. I’ve also been watching CNN, Headline News, and Fox News Network almost religiously. Unless, Greta Van Strokemouth, er, Susteren or Bill O’Racisist, I mean, O’Reilly are on, in which case I have to turn off the TV. The trouble is, I’m horrified by a lot of what I read, especially in the Bay Area. A lesbian gets gang raped and a guy gets shot by BART cops all in the same week. But that’s a whole other issue…The up side though is that now every time a kid walks into work with one of those Obama Hope shirts, I can really embarrass him by asking if he knows the artist’s name that created that image. I have yet to find one who does.

So now what? Do I give up, having found success? Nope. Instead, I stick with these and come up with more ways to improve myself this month.

Here’s the list:

1. Get up by 9 everyday. No matter what.
2. Keep my room neat. Jeliz, by the end of this, you’ll be able to walk in my room without attempting to fold clothes or shut drawers.
3. Follow more world news. I’ve got the US, California, and Los Angeles covered, so it’s onto the world.
4. Write more. Not necessarily to post, but just write more in general.
I’ll let you know in 2 weeks how it’s going!

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