Thursday, January 1, 2009

Haters, keep it to your damn self!

Yeah, I know I’m 6’2”

No I don’t have a need to be taller.

Yeah, I know we are just going to a movie, but I look good.

These are all answers to everyone who likes to hate on me whenever I wear heels. Every time I wear heels, all of a sudden there are tons of people who look at me like I’m crazy for wearing them. If it’s not my mom, who hardly ever wears anything other than tees, jeans, and sneakers, then it’s people who are either short and hate that I am tall or it’s people who wish they could have the confidence I have. Either way, it’s really annoying.

First, there are the people who ask me if I “really need the extra height.” First of all, if I felt the need for extra height, then I would seriously reevaluate who I am as a person. Height is something that cannot be drastically changed, so you just have to accept whatever height you’ve been given. Whether you are short or tall, you can’t change it. So get over it. Now, for women, if you are short, then wearing heels is a great option. But if you're tall, all of a sudden you have no right to wear heels. Nevermind the great posture I have in them or the way they make my legs look more toned or how much longer my legs look in them. I'm tall, therefore I have no right to wear them.

Let me tell you a little story. I spent the majority of my life being taller than everyone I knew. I’ve towered over my classmates for as long as I can remember and never had friends who even came close to my height until high school. This, coupled with the fact that I was very self-conscious about myself in general, made me slouch. I hardly ever stood up to my full height, except on the basketball floor or the softball field. Both of my grandmothers always told me to stand up tall and not slouch, but it was very hard when I was at the age where I just wanted to fit in. In about 10th grade, I started to realize that being so tall was not a bad thing and I really did need to stand up straighter. I began to realize that fitting in was highly overrated. It wasn’t until I wore heels to prom that I realized how much straighter I stood in them and decided that I should wear them more often. Ever since then, I have been wearing heels and loving the way I look in them. So, no asshole, I don’t want more height. I want to be more statuesque.

Also, I know that heels imply that I am going out on the town or something, but really, they can be just as casual as flip flops. They might not be as comfortable as sneakers, but when I feel like looking semi-cute and I want to make minimal effort, a pair of heels really does the trick. Also, when it’s cold (or coldish I should say, since I live in SoCal), a pair of boots look a lot better than Uggs. Seriously. Uggs are ugly. I get they are comfy, but if you are going to wear them in public, it had better be freezing and you had better be bundled up, not in a skirt, shorts, tank top, etc. Yeah, I know that I could get a pair of riding boots or flat boots that are cute, but like I said earlier, I walk a little taller in a high heel.

I know that a lot of people are saying things just because they like to tease me, which I don’t mind. But at the same time, it gets really annoying. I know that I am tall and sometimes overdress a little for things. But I would rather go somewhere and be overdressed then feel like I don’t look good. I have to wear black pants, a black shirt, a green apron, and a hat everyday at work, so every chance I get, I like to look good and show off my individuality. If I’m lounging around the house, yeah I love to wear sweats and mukluks. If I’m going to the gym, of course I’m wearing basketball shorts and a tee. But if I’m going to Timmy Nolan’s, I like to look like I at least made some effort. If I’m going to the movies, I don’t like to look like I rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing on my floor. If I’m going shopping, I like to look I have some sort of style. If any of this calls for heels, I’m going to wear them. And if anyone has a problem, you can just kiss my ass.

And please, keep your negativity to yourself. The media makes it hard enough to be a woman, we really don't need to help them out. If you are like me and prefer to break the mold, then don't listen to any negative things. It might get to you, but eventually, if you make the choice to just be who you are, then you will be much happier for it. I know I am...

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