Saturday, October 4, 2008

Channeling Left Eye...

Me (in my best customer service voice): Hi, how's it going?

Girl (who's hair is all over the place and is wearing clothes that look like she has been wearing them for a few days): Not good. I just got outta jail.

Me: Wow...(awkward pause) I'm sorry about that.

Chad(who has no tact): What'd you do?


Girl: I found him fucking some other bitch so I slapped the shit outta him, and the mother fucker called the goddamn cops!!!

Me: Wow....(laughs uncontrollably, having to hold on to the counter to keep from collapsing in a fit of giggles)

Girl: And you know the worst part about it? My mugshot was fuckin cute!

Me: Well at least you have a new MySpace pic!

Girl: Thanks, that the first laugh I've had in two days!

Now that's living!


Molly said...

everythings comes back to myspace!

queenkimmi said...

That was the only thing I could think to say!