Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Didn't your mother ever teach you to use your words not your fists? (Or some other form of a "deadly weapon")

I’m not going to pretend like I know everything that is going on because I don’t. I, just like everyone else, only knows what EVERY SINGLE NEW STATION, SITE, OUTLET, WHATEVER is reporting. Chris Brown “assaulted” Rihanna with a “deadly weapon.” Way to live up to the stereotype, dumbass.

Even if the charges end up being dropped, the fact that she had to go to the police in first place is suspect. Something had to happen for her to go the police and even if he never gets convicted and it ends up being just another argument that the media blew way out of proportion, she still needed to go to the police and the police found enough plausibility in her story to bring charges against him. He will always be known as just another hip-hop artist who beat up his girlfriend.

I will say this, though. He gets mad props for turning himself in instead of going to the Grammys or running. By turning himself in, it shows a level maturity and a bit of remorse for what he did. I can respect that, even if I think there is never an excuse for beating another human being.

On the up side, I am really glad that Rihanna went to the police. There are a lot of women who let violence against them go unnoticed. By seeing someone like Rihanna step forward against a man that everyone has watched grow up and who many love as if they knew him personally, I hope that many more women will find the strength they need to get out of harmful relationships.

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