Saturday, February 7, 2009

You and your truck need to go find a field somewhere and leave the rest of us alone...

Someone explain this to me, because I just don't get it.

I was at Target today, which I knew was a bad idea. Saturday afternoon at Target? Come on. But anyway, I'm driving out to leave and this big ass truck is coming at me. Literally, coming at me. The guy driving had no idea that he was taking up the ENTIRE lane. I thought that maybe he just didn't know that anyone was driving by him, because who doesn't catch themselves driving down the middle of an empty parking lot lane every once in awhile? But he wasn't getting over so I started to get nervous and, after getting over as far as I could, I honked. The guy got mad at me, like how dare I try to drive down the same lane as he is. He gets over just enough for me to be 2 inches from the parked cars on the right and about 1 inch from his truck. He tried to shout obscenities at me, but we all know that I'm great at shit talking, so I won. Plus I'm louder than anyone in the world, so the whole parking lot heard me when I yelled, "You redneck fuckhead! If you're gonna drive a big, white trash truck, at least have the decency to know how to drive it when you're outside the trailer park!" The girl in the passenger seat laughed out loud, which turned the guy's anger from me onto her. I love it.

But seriously though, why do people buy these huge trucks and then not know how to drive them? Taking up a whole lane in a parking lot is completely unacceptable. Then, when they park, they take up two spots when one will suffice because they have no idea the true size of their vehicle. I would really love for someone to explain to me why you spend thousands of dollars on something you won't be bothered to learn to drive?

I guess it's just one of those things I will never understand...

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Anonymous said...

those guys & the guys who buy expensive flashy stupid cars do it for the same reason: trying to make up for something. not attractive whatsoever.

xo, sissy